This page contains some of the best Kiosk Software on the Internet. Here is the criteria that we use for the review.

1) Security. – This is the chief concern for all those who wish to buy Kiosk software. So it’s at the top of our list. The software should lock down the PC right from boot up to prevent system crash. It should load a full screen browser, which has been customized and all un-safe options removed.

2) Customization РKiosk software must be easy to customize. Usually, the browser is used for displaying information. So standard IE browsers must be easily customized. A full screen display is necessary and the URL bar disabled.

3) Remote access – Software must be able to be updated via remote access. It’s just not practical to use any software without remote maintenance features.

Here are some of the top Kiosk Software:

1) SiteKiosk – This is an immensely powerful piece of software. You can use it not only on Kiosks but also on any public computers such as desktops of laptops. The reason why you can do this is because the software allows you to customize browser options. You can also lock down computers with it to prevent any accidental tampering that may crash the system. It’s compatible with Windows 7. For pricing, please ask for quotation. They distribute their software through resellers.

2) Kioware Kiosk Software – Kioware provides Kiosk software in several versions. The Lite version is the most basic version and allows lockdown and customization of browser without any bells and whistles added to it. The basic version provides the some additional functionality such as support for external drives. It’s good enough to be used on any public Kiosk. It can be used to lock down computers and customize Internet Explorer browser. If your intention is to setup numerous kiosks, you will need the Server edition. This allows you to connect to all your Kiosks via a central server. Pricing differs for different versions.

3) AntaMediaKiosk – A simple to install and use Kiosk software that is produced by AntaMedia. Fees are very reasonable too. They have a total of 4 versions, and prices start from just $69. The most expensive version cost just $249. The basic version is most suitable for displaying information with limited interaction with users. The standard version encourages interaction from user and provides user sign up. The premium version provides support for payment devices – e.g. credit card, coin payments, etc. The Enterprise version is for those who need to run numerous kiosks and require special features for performing maintenance on the kiosks.